Touring Hana Title
There are a few highlights of Hana that we highly recommend you experience during your stay. Because Hana is such a remote destination, make sure you have enough time for everything! If you would like any assistance with planning your stay, let us know when you book your unit and we will be happy to help you.

Touring Hana Waioka Title
Waioka Pools (Venus Pools) are conveniently located directly across the street from Hana Accommodations.
It is surrounded by lush tropical foliage and situated steps from the ocean, this secluded pool is the perfect place to stretch out and soak in some warm Hawaiian sun on its small Black Sand Beach and large flat rocks.

Waioka/Venus Pools Waioka/Venus Pools Waioka/Venus Pools

Touring Hana Coastal Trail Title
This spectacular, easy walk takes you from Hana Accommodations, pass the amazing Venus Pools, along towering sea cliffs, remote Black Sand Beach and the ruins of an old Sugar Mill. If you continue along the trail, you will eventually end up at Hamoa Beach.

Coastal Hana Trail Coastal Hana Trail Coastal Hana Trail

Hamoa Beach Title
Hamoa Beach is located a few minutes South of Hana Town and a mile from Hana Accommodations.
This white crescent-shaped beach that famous author, James Michener, referred to as the most perfect beach in the Pacific. Enjoy body surfing, swimming, or simply taking in the natural beauty of Hana's most celebrated beach. Always use caution when entering the water as the currents can get strong on this beach.

Hamoa Beach Ocean at Hamoa Beach Hamoa Beach

Koki Beach Title
Koki Beach is located right next door to Hamoa Beach.
This is a red and black sand beach. There are gorgeous views of a sea arch and 'Alau Island which is topped with a small cluster of coconut trees. If you decide to jump in the water, use caution as the ocean currents are strong.

Koki Beach Koki Beach Koki Beach

Seven Sacred Pools/Oheo Gulch Title
The famous 'Ohe'o Gulch (formerly known as Seven Sacred Pools) is part of the Haleakala National Park.
There is a small fee to enter the park, so be sure to have your wallet on you. These lava pool formations were once home of a thriving ancient Hawaiian culture. This National Park encompasses over 100 fresh water pools and spectacular waterfalls of 'Ohe'o Stream. Thousands of acres of bamboo trees canopy over you and fruit scented rainforests provide the perfect location to hike, swim, and explore the tropical beauty of Hana. Please remember to "Malama aina" (take care of the land) and keep this beautiful area clean.

Seven Sacred Pools/Oheo Gulch Seven Sacred Pools/Oheo Gulch Seven Sacred Pools/Oheo Gulch

Pipiwai Trail at Oheo Gulch Title
Pipiwai Trail is about a 4 mile round trip hike near 'Ohe'o Bridge.
This hike can take anywhere from 2-1/2 hours or longer, depending on how fast you decide to go as there is a lot to take in. You will begin in a rainforest with a trail that takes you higher and higher along the 'Ohe'o Stream. Later, you will cross 2 bridges that bring you to the entrance of the bamboo forest. After you emerge out of the bamboo forest you will re-enter the lush rainforest and discover you are at the base of a 400 foot waterfall - Waimoku Falls. Here is where you can sit down and enjoy the magnificence of this towering waterfall.

Few Tips: Wear comfortable shoes (not your flip-flops/slippers), bring some water and a nice snack or lunch to enjoy when you finally reach Waimoku Falls. Definitely bring the camera!

Beautiful Falls along the Pipiwai Trail Bamboo Forest on the Pipiwai Trail Top of the Pipiwai Trail is Waimoku Falls


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